Sittercity Reviews: Is A Membership Worth It?

sittercity-reviews-is-it-worth-itLooking for a Sittercity review? This is something that I had struggled with when I was in search of information and reviews on Sittercity. Unfortunately during that time, I barely found third party information that provided details about how this online sitter service works, whether it truly is a valuable resource for finding sitters, or whether joining this service is worth it.

Nowadays trying to find a reliable sitter you can trust at an affordable price is like working a second job. Plus with single parent households now at an all time high finding a sitter is a top priority.

There are a lot of online sitter services popping up and to be honest the thought of hiring a sitter from a website is scary! I mean really, how would you know what their background is and whether or not they have the experience to take care of your child?

Even if a sitter doesn’t have a criminal background, that doesn’t mean they’re the ideal person for the job, right?

There are a lot of online sitter services popping up and to be honest the thought of hiring a sitter from a website is scary! I mean really, how would you know what their background is and whether or not they have the experience to take care of your child?

The thought of even considering an online sitter service wasn’t even an option until I found Once I started reading how works, the anxiety and fear began to fade. Safety, convenience, and costs are the most important things for most moms when you need a sitter. Sittercity seems to cover all the bases. That’s not to say that the site is perfect but I’ll get to that later.

So here’s what I found to be the best reasons for considering

Sittercity-logoPriority Is Safety For Your Family

There is no way that as a mom I’m going to leave my child in the care of someone I know nothing about and neither would you right? has a easy to follow system in place to help put your mind at ease. Once you join Sittercity and become a member you can begin the process of finding the right sitter for your child. First, you’ll place a job posting on the Sittercity website with any requirements you may have.

Sittercity: The best sitters are hereNow here’s where the screening process really helps. The most important thing to remember is that you have to do your due diligence to not skip steps during the screening process.

Once you post the job, applicants will reply to your posting. Next you can spend time reading about each applicant’s experience, their educational background and hourly rate. Having that information is important but being able to see the reviews and ratings of other parents is priceless!

If the applicant you’re interested in has previously worked for other members on, you can read about their experience with that specific applicant. One thing I’ve learned, people may stretch the truth a bit about a product they buy online but when it comes to their kids there’s no “kidding around!”

Trusted Third-Party Background Checks

The process doesn’t end there. The site also offers background checks for a very reasonable fee. However, the beauty of it is that most sitters pay for a third party background check on themselves so that you do not have to pay for these background checks.

If you are wondering whether the child care providers can influence the results of their background checks, not at all. Again, the background checking are done by trusted independent providers used extensively by the US government.
Once you narrow your list down to a few applicants, the screening process should continue. That includes interviewing the applicants by phone and asking questions about their background and experience. If you don’t know what questions to ask you’ll find a list of questions on the Sittercity website.

The rest of the screening process includes, meeting an applicant in person, introducing her to your child, and conducting a more detailed background check. Sittercity has a resource section that provides you with more tips and pointers on having an effective process for hiring the right person that will suit your family’s needs.

Keep in mind though that although the Sittercity screening process is thorough, it may not be foolproof. In other words, if you’re expecting the website to guarantee the sitter you choose is perfect, they can’t. Background checks can only alert you to what is publicly available in the court system, DMV records, and checks via the sitter’s social security number.

Keep in mind though that although the Sittercity screening process is thorough, it may not be foolproof. In other words, if you’re expecting the website to guarantee the sitter you choose is perfect, they can’t.

Background checks can only alert you to what is publicly available in the court system, DMV records, and checks via the sitter’s social security number. This could give you a false sense of safety but Sittercity gives you other ways you can check potential applicants.

For example, you can search online for any social media profiles like Facebook for example. Monitoring their Facebook page could reveal a lot more about their personality and lifestyle. It may take more time on your part but I mean it’s never too much time when it comes to your child’s safety.

Additional Safety Steps

Sittercity also gives you lots of tips to keep you and your child safe. For example, as I mentioned earlier even with the most thorough background checks they can only go so far. The site has a great section on how to spot “warning signs” that may indicate an applicant may not be the best choice.

Even with the added steps you’ll need to take, makes the overall process of finding the best fit for you and your child a breeze! … You are always in control of the process from the time you start your search to the time you do an actual hire.

Convenience For You

Even with the added steps you’ll need to take, makes the overall process of finding the best fit for you and your child a breeze! You don’t have to run ads in newspapers and deal with complete strangers contacting you. You are always in control from the time you start your search to the time you do an actual hire. You can take your time before deciding which sitter to hire

Special Needs And Circumstances

Another thing I really like about is the free memberships they offer for military families. I just think it’s a great way to honor and thank them for their service.

Also if your child has special needs, you can specify requirements in your post so that only sitters with the right educational background and experience will reply to your job post.

Customer Service

Unlike a lot of similar sites on the internet, the site has a customer support center where you can talk to a live person if you need help with your account. You can also contact them via email if you choose.

Affordable Membership

Sittercity offers two membership levels. The Basic level allows you to join for free but you’re limited to only partial views of sitter profiles and you are also limited to the number of job posting you can make.

The other choice is the Premium level. You can choose to join for one month for $35, 3 months for $70 or 12 months for $140. In addition to the membership costs, you will need to pay the sitter an hourly rate. If you’re on a budget, the membership fee plus the hourly rates may seem pricey but if you compare those costs to the average cost of daycare you may actually end up paying less in the long run.

According to the National Association of Child Care Resources & Referral Agencies, the average cost of daycare in the US is between $11,000 and $18,000 a year.

According to the National Association of Child Care Resources & Referral Agencies, the average cost of daycare in the US is between $11,000 and $18,000 a year. If you go with a Sittercity child care provider, you decide the number of hours for care so you can stay within your budget.

If you’re frustrated with trying to find a sitter for your child, I suggest that you seriously consider Sittercity. Of course you could get referrals from family and friends but how many of your family members and friends actually run background checks on their babysitter? How much do they really know about them?

Since you can join for free without spending any money upfront, you can get comfortable with the website and familiarize yourself with the process. Then you can decide which paid membership level will work best for you.

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60 Responses to "Sittercity Reviews: Is A Membership Worth It?"

  1. Megan says:

    Sittercity is the most practical way of hiring a sitter. Their services are very affordable and I get to screen the sitters until I feel really comfortable with one. I like Sittercity very much.

  2. Khloe Powell says:

    The reviews of the other parents really help a lot. They’re as important as the background checks. The membership is so worth it since it comes with total accessibility to the reviews.

  3. Vbarnes says:

    The sitters I usually look for are required to help my two kids with homework. I’ve never been able to find such sitters in our neighborhood. That’s why I joined Sittercity.

  4. Mindy says:

    The fact that there is a dedicated number for members, assures me that I can always talk to a live person on Sittercity. If I’m going to have a problem in the long run, I want to talk to someone who can help me right away. That’s a huge factor for me.

  5. 23riley says:

    What I really like about Sittercity is that I can always contact a babysitter on her profile. That makes it very convenient especially if I need one right away.

    • ritaLowe says:

      It actually becomes easy to find a last minute sitter with Siittercity, the longer you’re signed up with it. You already have your own list of sitters that you can contact all the time.

  6. betsommers says:

    Sittercity is quite affordable. You just have to pay for the membership fee, which is not too bad (especially with the coupon code here). Then when you hire a sitter, it’s on an hourly basis. That beats paying a monthly fee for daycare, which is very expensive these days.

    • parker j. says:

      Daycare was never option for me. My reason for that is because it’s not easy to monitor my kid thru daycare. It’s not like I can call them anytime I want. Unlike a sitter whom I can contact anytime, I feel a lot safer.

      • agy201 says:

        There are some daycare centers that are really good. They have a good program in place and they strive to make parents feel comfortable with their service. Unfortunately, they really cost a lot.

  7. Zdanes says:

    It pays to run various background checks. You can’t just rely on one background check especially if it’s a clean one. Safer to run a second one to verify the first .

  8. jspeers says:

    I only work a couple of hours a day. I just need someone to watch my kids for three hours, at the most. If I had chosen daycare, I would end up paying for the extra hours when I could have been with my kids instead. With Sittercity, I can always find someone who can work within the hours I require.

  9. jpowers says:

    Sittercity is not just a safe place for moms and dads looking for a reliable sitter. It’s a also a safe place for sitters who are looking for work. That what makes Sittercity safe because it connects the right people.

  10. Jane says:

    For me, one of the perks of being with Sittercity is that I feel like I belong to this community of parents who really care about children. In Sittercity, no parent would ever recommend someone who isn’t fit to be with kids. That is one thing for sure.

  11. cupcake says:

    I have been with this sitter for about a year now. She was actually recommended by a friend of mine. I would be totally happy with her if she could be a bit more flexible with her hours. Every time I request her to stay longer, she always says no. It’s not like I ask her all the time but I would really appreciate it if she could give me some consideration. Anyway, I’m going to take a shot at Sittercity. I hope I can find someone who’s willing to extend her hours.

  12. Madge says:

    The background checks and the reviews are very critical when finding a sitter. You simply CANNOT make a sound decision if you don’t make use of them.

  13. gmcdermot says:

    It takes a lot to say that the sitter is right for the job. A clean background doesn’t exactly mean she’s suited for the job and that’s why it’s really necessary to read the reviews.

  14. mmlam says:

    The cost of daycare is skyrocketing. There’s no way I can control that myself. With Sittercity, I can control the cost and still have a reliable sitter take care of my son.

  15. Sandshays says:

    At first, I didn’t want to spend on a membership fee. It wasn’t that I found it expensive because I didn’t. I was just not too convinced about finding a sitter online. However, I didn’t have much of a choice anymore because it was getting pretty tough finding a sitter for my kids. So I decided to try Sittercity. I don’t regret doing and I really should have done it a lot earlier.

  16. julia_sans says:

    Three times a week, I take my one-year old son to daycare. I leave him there for about an hour and a half. On the other two days of the week, I plan to hire a sitter so that someone could watch him. I have decided on Sittercity because another mommy friend of mine from the daycare center uses it as well.

    • Haminpie says:

      I just can’t find a decent daycare in our area. It’s a good thing Sittercity is very accessible that I can always get a babysitter for my kids.

  17. P_Mansfield says:

    Safety is also my TOP priority. It is something I will never sacrifice or even bargain for. If I have to pay for to get it, then I certainly will. I really don’t mind the membership fee of Sittercity.

  18. glam10 says:

    My son is allergic to a lot of food.I really need to keep a watchful eye on him because when he gets hungry, he attempts to eat anything. Finding a babysitter who can watch what he eats could be a little tricky. I really need to give instructions to avoid any kind of accidents. if I can find a babysitter from Sittercity who can understand the sensitivity of my situation as a mom, then my membership is worth it.

  19. annietales says:

    A couple of years ago, an online service for sitters would be unimaginable. It would seem too dubious to just hire a complete stranger. It’s as if you’re looking for trouble. It’s a good thing that a lot has changed since. Hiring a sitter online isn’t as scary anymore and if there are any doubts, it’s easy to run background checks.

  20. MFlemings says:

    If it concerns the safety of the kids, anything that’s paid for is really worth. I wouldn’t even dare hiring a sitter from anywhere but Sittercity.

  21. Lanni says:

    I’m a single, working mom with three kids. A lot of my friends wonder how I’m able to cope. Honestly, I wouldn’t have been able to cope if it weren’t for the help I get from Sittercity.

  22. febz says:

    I don’t mind putting in some time searching for a sitter just as long as the process is reliable. Sittercity provides a process of selection that really helps me find the sitter who’s right for us. That’s what makes it worth it for me.

    • kendra says:

      I think the selection process of Sittercity is the best thing about it. You won’t miss a thing with it. You will do everything you need to do so long as you follow the simple steps. It makes the search more systematized.

  23. g.libby says:

    At first, I was quite concerned about the amount of time I had to put in to find a babysitter on Sittercity. I just don’t have the time to really sit down and study the profiles of all the babysitters. Then eventually, I found a way to make my search a lot faster. I just post the details of the job and wait for about five babysitters to apply. Then I immediately run background checks and I’m able to make a decision right away. For me, that manner of searching doesn’t take that long.

    • jgarth says:

      There are various ways to search for a babysitter on Sittercity. It really depends on what you’re comfortable with. The bottom line is that you should run background checks.

  24. L.K. says:

    In just one year, two licensed daycare centers here in our area have had fatalities. I’m talking newborn babies here and it’s quite alarming because these daycare centers are supposed to be licensed and all. Still, there are fatalities, I don’t have a newborn but just the same, I wouldn’t trust a daycare center to watch my kids. I’m sticking to Sittercity. I just thought I’d share that with you.

  25. staylor20 says:

    The two elements of childcare that are non negotiable for me are convenience and safety. I want convenience but I don’t want to sacrifice safety. Sittercity gives importance to both and that’s why I use it.

  26. Melanie Garth says:

    This Christmas season is going to be hectic for me. My folks and siblings are coming over. It will be a full house for all us here. I know it’s a long shot but I do want to hire someone who can help me out, at least someone who can focus on my kids. I’m trying out Sittercity based on your recommendation. i don’t think I can go wrong with it considering the safety measures they have in place.

  27. gigik says:

    I don’t think there’s any guarantee when you hire a sitter. There’s always a risk and Sittercity knows that. So it matters a lot to moms like me that Sittercity has various means to make the search more in depth and safe. I really wouldn’t hire anyone without running any background check first.

    • Reese says:

      You said it! I wouldn’t hire anyone without a background check as well. You can’t trust just anybody these days and even with a background check, I still feel a little nervous. Although it’s safe with Sittercity, I think it’s natural for moms to feel nervous all the time.

  28. Jodie says:

    Sittercity is a game changer. It now offers hybrid sitters who actually do more than just take care of the kids. I think that’s awesome. That’s the kind of sitter I will look for the next time around. Now, I can really say that I made a good choice with Sittecity.

  29. sadie g says:

    It’s summer time again and working moms like me are in need of a babysitter more than ever. The kind of babysitter we usually look for is one who can stay with the kids a little bit longer. That’s where Sittercity comes in perfectly for me since I can always post all the nitty gritty details and wait for the replies of the babysitters who are genuinely interested in my job post. That way, I don’t waste my time dealing with all kinds of babysitters.

  30. nikkih_00 says:

    Sittercity is really worth it for me because I can get help any time I want to. The site makes it easy for me to get in touch with someone whom I can possibly hire for the time being. I’ve never needed a regular babysitter because I stay home with my kids. However, there are times when I need to hire someone and my regular sitters from Sittercity have been very reliable and a big help.

  31. mritter80 says:

    What I like about Sittercity is that I can either post a job and wait for replies from interested applicants or contact the ones I’m interested in based on their profiles. Either way, it works well for me.

  32. Kate G. says:

    I’ve just signed up for Sittercity because I feel safer hiring a babysitter than sending my kid to some daycare center. With Sittercity, I can run some background checks on the babysitters. I can’t do that with the personnel of any daycare center.

    • crissyj says:

      You said it! I’m also signing up and using the discount code offered here. I’m not going to risk the safety of my daughter by sending her to daycare. I’m totally freaked out by all the daycare stories I read in the news.

  33. carmen says:

    When I heard from a friend of mine that I could run background checks on Sittercity, I really thought that was convenient since I don’t have to go somewhere else to get more information on the sitters. Great info you got here. I thought it was really helpful. Thanks.

  34. Vivian says:

    To earn some extra money to pay off some bills, my daughter signed up as a sitter, just a few weeks ago. She is 27 and has a full time accounting job. She has had so much fun and the kids and parents love her, and she loves the kids. it’s been a great experience for her.

  35. B. Mcdaniels says:

    There’s no question about it. Sittercity is definitely worth it considering I can run affordable background checks. There’s just no way I’m going to hire a complete stranger. In these desperate times, I would never do such a thing. NO WAY!

  36. Eva C. says:

    Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would hire a sitter online. Of course, that was until a friend of mine told me about Sittercity. The fact that I can run background checks on the applicants gives me some sense of security. That matters a lot to me. Personally, I think it should matter to every parent.

  37. Haze says:

    Safety really comes with a price. If I don’t pay for it upfront, it might cost me more at the end. I’m a staunch believer that safety is never free. So to make sure that my kids are safe with their babysitter, I know I have to invest in a good childcare service provider. I did just that by signing up for Sittercity. I used your promo code and it worked well. Thanks very much.

  38. emily says:

    Summer’s that time of the year when I have the babysitter come in more often. For me, it just works so much better that way.

  39. Joanne G. says:

    Thanks for your straight-up review of Sittercity. You’re right. There aren’t enough reviews on Sittercity. I’m glad I came across yours. Thanks again.

  40. patsy671 says:

    So far, your review on Sittercity is the most insightful and objective I have read. Thanks for pointing out that the background checks gather information based on the applicant’s Social Security Number. That really can’t guarantee total protection but it’s a good starting point. (I’d still go for Sittercity.) Anyway, you’re right. I completely understand that services such as Sittercity can provide us with the tools and services to screen applicants. However, there is a limit to that. Ultimately, the decision and the responsibility is ours that’s why we really have to do our own homework and screening to ensure the safety of our kids at all times. Thanks again for your insights.

    • Nellie says:

      I agree with you. The best way to do our homework is to follow the selection process of Sittercity. That’s the thing I like about Sittercity. I can just follow their selection process without having to go through the trouble of thinking if I’m really doing my homework. Their selection process covers everything I need to do.

  41. steph says:

    Even a hands-on mom like me needs a break. I’m really glad Sittercity can help me out when I need to take that break from the kids.

  42. Emily says:

    To answer you question, YES! I find Sittercity very useful. Now, I’m able to find babysitters that have undergone some kind of training. I find that very important. I won’t just leave my kids with someone that has no knowledge whatsoever with First Aid.

  43. rita y. says:

    When it comes to childcare, I’d much rather prefer a babysitter than daycare. Sittercity is exactly what I want. I can get find professional babysitters and I can also run a background check if I want to.

  44. goldie says:

    You’re right. Sittercity is a more affordable childcare option. Your promo code is a big help too.

  45. B. Gellar says:

    Safety is always the number one priority especially when it comes to childcare. I don’t mind paying for it. But we’re just pretty lucky that Sittercity is affordable.

    • ande_30 says:

      Can’t beat the convenience that this service provides. For the price of the service, I think I’m getting a lot of value from Sittercity.

    • SAX says:

      I was pleasantly surprised that Sittercity was affordable. I used the promo code here and it came out very affordable. You’re right, you can’t compromise safety but getting a good discount wouldn’t hurt as well.

  46. HF_Garret says:

    I would really like to know more about the person I’m keen on hiring. I would like to get the bigger picture. And that kind of information is something I can only get from a background check.

  47. maceyt says:

    Sittercity not only makes it easy and convenient for parents, it also makes it very safe for kids.

  48. sienna says:

    Safety is every parent’s priority. Seeing how much weight Sittercity puts into safety. I wouldn’t think of signing up anywhere else.

  49. c-knight says:

    Thank you for your review on Sittercity. You seemed to have covered everything I wanted to know about this childcare service provider. I’m not internet savvy but it’s good to know that Sittercity has a customer service that can always help me with my account. Thank you again.

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